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SCHEU GROUP - Partner for digital solutions in dental practices and laboratories


For more than 90 years now, the family business SCHEU DENTAL inspired both, experts and customers, with dental high-precision products of outstanding innovation. This innovation has always been the company’s trademark, showing that SCHEU-DENTAL has always been one step ahead of time. This is also reflected by the recent decision to join forces in order to make greater use of synergies at product and service level.


SCHEU DENTAL, CA DIGITAL AND SMILE DENTAL - three professionals, a strong alliance.


In the dental world, SCHEU stands for perfection and innovation made in Germany. Products like the pressure moulding machine BIOSTAR®, the splint system CA® CLEAR ALIGNER and the brand world IMPRIMO® system offering everything around 3D printing have been key factors of success, just as practical training courses and great customer proximity.


In 2011, Christian Scheu and Dr Yong-min Jo founded CA DIGITAL GmbH in response to the growing demand for digital treatment solutions. CA DIGITAL quickly succeeded in becoming a pioneer in digital orthodontics: The digital workflow SMART FLOW, virtual treatment planning and medical 3D printing are daily business at CA DIGITAL, thus integrating various treatment approaches to a uniform digital process– a real first for the industry.


Products for fixed orthodontics also have their place in the SCHEU universe: Customers can order anything they need for their daily work in practice or laboratory directly in the SMILE DENTAL online shop.


“Every company of the group has individual sector-specific priorities and strengths. Up to now, they all have been on the road as lone fighters, leaving a great potential for synergies unused. With positioning ourselves as SCHEU GROUP we will from now on use these synergies to meet the growing demand for digital solutions”, says CEO of SCHEU GROUP Christian Scheu.


Within short, the new alliance will become more visible in the companies` external communications.



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