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Dec 13th, 2021

Development aid for TuS Volmetal 1887 e.V.

Almost 50 deaths and more than 13 billion euros in damage. Many people lost everything in the flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia during this summer’s flood. Reconstruction is in full swing in many places. Without the support of many volunteers and donations, this would hardly be possible. Some of those affected are still waiting for financial help from the politicians. In Hagen alone, the flood caused damage of over 230 million euros. (Source: WDR Local Time Dortmund)

The TuS Volmetal 1887 e.V. club has also suffered existential damage. The club's own 330 m² gymnasium is still standing, but it has been badly damaged, so that it will not be possible to use it again until the middle to end of next year at the earliest. Recently, the drying process could be started. "We have only had electricity here again since 11 October. The hall forecourt has also been completely flooded. Our electrical system was destroyed in the process. We had to restore those first. Due to the delay in delivery of the components, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, everything took a very long time. Gradually, however, we can now start with the reconstruction. Then again, we would not be this far without the support of members, neighbourhood help and donations. This also includes the company SCHEU-DENTAL from Iserlohn, with whose financial support we were able to get our electrical system up and running again," says Dietmar Gebhard, 2nd Chairman of TuS Volmetal 1887 e.V.


"We support the quick repair of the sports hall so that TuS Volmetal can continue with its great, general-benefit work and thus give the people affected by the flood disaster more joy and confidence again. It was particularly important to me to support a very specific project in the immediate vicinity. After all, well over 80% of our employees come from the close neighbourhood," explains Markus Bappert, CEO SCHEU GROUP.

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